Friday, December 02, 2005

Firemind Cinema 12

Bring out the popcorn and soda pop kiddies it's time for Firemind Cinema. Today we have a very bizarre mix for you to enjoy. Have fun!

Car accidents in racing - 2 min 56 sec. We start off with a bang so to speak. The people watching must be crazy to stand there.

The Nuclear Ketchup Monster from Outer Space - Lost News Cast - 4 min 15 sec - by BAGOFFROG Productions. News for those who need it... or don't.

The Tale of The Phantom Mask - 2 min 15 sec - by mvm productions. A spooky little show.

Spare Change - 4 min 52 sec - The Image Factory. A surreal comedy.

Ping- Pong matrix style - 1 min 43 sec. A treat for the sports fans.

Robot Chicken - 11 min 20 sec. Our final show is just plain bizarre.

1 comment:

Stephen said...

Love the Robot Chicken clip. I've never had a chance to watch the whole show when its come on TV. So seeing that makes me want more.