Thursday, December 22, 2005

Fun Times

I just started to write a 'serious post' when my door bell rang. I sighed and wondered who would be 'bothering' me at this time of night. It turned out to be my resident manager and her son delivering Christmas cards and snacks. :) Surprises can be fun.

Today I was feeling tired but went to the staff party. The snacks and conversation were fun. I got a little box of goodies to take home too. Waistline beware! I had a 'real meal' later but it was a bit much. Oh well, better full than hungry.

I stopped in at Phony Nowhere and found out I had won an award! Sam gave me the Most Helpful Blogger of the Year award. Thanks Sam!

If today is any indication it might be a rainy Christmas/Hanukkah. The streets were like mini rivers and the puddles deep. I got tired of waiting for the 30/31 bus so I caught the 28. It stops at the Legislature in the afternoon. By the time I got home my jacket and pants were soaked. This is more typical than the cold clear weather we have been having.

I may return to that 'serious post' or I might scrap it for something fast and light. Busy and fun times make me want to write intuitively rather than intellectually. I may think "a post about 'x' book would be good" but I don't feel like it. I just 'listen' to my muse and fondle the keyboard. The posts write themselves. I have a fun time discovering what 'the story' is.


Shogun said...

haha~ our staff party was in November! haha~ It was alright, we had a tab and dance floor tyaking requests untill 1am, hahaha~ I was there until the bar closed.

hahahaha~ It's so funny how you say Christmas/Hanukkah. I know it's because America is getting so multi-cultural, and there are so many religions, that's why people NEVER talk about religion, becauase it's such a touchy subject. In new Zealand, however, There is a bigger percentage of people who don't have a religion at all, than anything else, I don't have a religion, hahaha~ I tried to have one when I was younger, But the didn't work out... I was Christian, than I was Buddhist, then I was Thelemic, then I got sick of trying to find out what religion I belonged to, hahahaha~ now I'm nothingness~

It may be summer here, but we've had quite a lot of rain and stuff recently, But looking at the day today, it looks like it's going to be sunny tomorrow ^___^

haha~ tomorrow, so doesn't feel like Christmas tomorrow.

Leon said...

I got into saying both because I have so many different friends online.

Yeah, I followed some of those religions too. "nothingness" isn't that 'Zen Atheism?' :)