Monday, January 30, 2006

Crying Uncle

I woke up crying the other day. At first I thought I had had a bad dream. Then I understood:

I wish I had a son.

There were many reasons I never got married and raised a family. Most still apply. Sometimes fear was involved and sometimes indifference. I never seriously considered the idea of being a parent before.

I did well as an uncle offline and as "Uncle Firemind" online. I learned to get along with young people again. Sometimes this is not enough.

That morning I gave in and "cried uncle". I accepted the desire of fatherhood.

I cried again then. The gentle tears cleansed and healed me. A piece of my puzzle had become clear to me.


Shogun said...

awww, don't give up, you still have the rest of yur life to get a family organised~

If you want I can be your onirary son~ ^__________^

Leon said...

Ok, you're adopted. :)

Shogun said...


christine said...

we often ecognise the desire of women to be a mother but we forget that men might have the desire to be a father