Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Sometimes words get mixed up and we get confused. I am "feeling" a bit ill as my cold progresses but "feeling" good because of contact with friends. One is physical and the other emotional and they both affect me.

I was trying to tell a friend about what has been happening in the last month. I don't know how successful I was. Part of it is the cold and part of it is me. I like to touch base with friends every so often just to catch up. Long winded explanations where none are needed make me hesitate. Part of me says there is nothing to explain while another part says "read my blog."

Sometimes when we communicate we don't want explanations anyway. What we really want is to express something important and to see how our friends react. Something really off base will get a different reaction than something the person thinks is fine.

When we check peoples reactions we hope our feelings will not be hurt. We hope they will understand us. Even if the reaction is bad it is better than the other person being indifferent or bored.

Being able to feel means I am alive - or at least not too doped up on cold meds. :)



Maud said...

Hi Leon,
I´ll stop by almost every day, after translating Men´s blog. Love to read what you are doing and thinking about. Now I see that your not feeling very well, I´m sorry hope you feel better soon!

Bye the way, Men loves it when you respond on his blog!

Maud (Men´s Mom)

Leon said...

Hi Maud, Thanks! I enjoy reading Men's blog. I also enjoy the challenge of responding in Dutch.