Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Learning from books can be fulfilling and very satisfying for me. Learning from life experiences can leave me tired and feeling like I have been kicked in the teeth.

Lessons can come from anywhere and any person. They can be easy or hard. I am learning again in real life and cyberspace. I get pushed here and there as things demand my attention. I want to just play ostrich and hide my head in the sand. I can't do that and be fair to myself. I can't do that and be fair to my friends.

When this blog was anonymous I had no credibility but my writing did. If things went wrong I could be childish and run away. Now... I stand behind what I write and have to think about my actions. This can be scary sometimes.

This goes for my online life too. It is both easier and harder than real life. The rules remain the same. Those basic rules learned in the sandbox as a child still are relevant. Sometimes I forget.

Right now I am wondering why I am writing this post. Well... if I can't write what I want in this blog (as long as it doesn't hurt me or another) then I shouldn't be blogging here.

I don't want people chasing after me with band-aids and sympathy. You don't know what's going on. I am translating what I feel into this post. It is edited but true. (This is not one of those mock-blogs that pop up sometimes.) I don't mind comments though. They tell me I am alive - that someone has heard me.

Maybe it's time to put a disclaimer on this blog. A sign that says "Caution! Human Being Ahead."

This blog may take a darker tone for a while. I thought I should warn you.

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