Tuesday, March 21, 2006


After work I wandered about with nothing planned. I went to A&B and looked at CDs and actually bought one. (The last time I bought a CD was over a year ago).

Next I stopped at a bookstore and got two YA novels. I just finished a mystery and I am reading a science fiction. I need some more real life angst. Ha ha.

When Sam was blogging I learned all about Indie music and listened to a lot. It was fun to experiment with new music. Twisting my music tastes around was sometimes frustrating but it also made things interesting.

I find that happening again as I experiment with emo/punk. I got listening to Fall Out Boy through Shogun and like their raw fresh style. In some ways it reminds me of the New Wave -not-quite-punk I liked in the eighties. Loud and brash but not merely noisy. The lyrics and music are interesting.

The CD I bought is a limited edition of From Under The Cork Tree with five extra songs (18 altogether). So far it is quite good and it was cheap so that makes it even better.

So I am experimenting and learning again. What does that make me then? Indiemo?

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Shahid said...

Wow, Leon. I would have never expected. Of course, I could show you something my good friend, Aaron, showed me that has to do with Fall Out Boy.