Friday, March 03, 2006

Mellow Dramas

Today has been a series of odd scenes from some soap opera. That is ... my life.

Don't Snog A Dog

Early this morning I finished reading a novel set in Greater London. It was full of interesting English slang words such as roger, shag, pulling and snogging. I had heard of some of them and not others.

Snogging sounds like some draconian torture from fantasy fiction but actually means heavy kissing. There is even a novel called "Full Frontal Snogging". It is related to such terms as "pashing" (New Zealand), "necking" (Canada), and "sucking face".

I don't know why the word sounded so funny this morning.

Just The Fax

Work was OK today and things never got out of hand. The steady pace also meant I wasn't bored.

There were a few odd and silly times though. The silliest happened when I tried to send out some faxes. I reached one organization by phone and they supplied a fax number. Each "fax" number was actually a phone number that led to another incorrect fax number. After listening to whining modems and confused people for the fourth time in five minutes I gave up.

I can handle computers but faxes are evil.

Death By Chopstick

I went out for Japanese food tonight. The food was good but the service was mediocre.

When my food arrived I broke open the little package containing the disposable chopsticks and attempted to separate them. They were not cut properly and refused to split. I tried harder and they broke and a piece of wood cut my thumb. The cut was small and healed fast but hurt like hell.

The waitress replaced the chopsticks with ones that worked. I didn't want to take any more chances with the old ones.

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