Saturday, April 01, 2006

Connecting With People

Yesterday was a day for connecting with people. All day I interacted with people and organized ways to work with them more.

I had the Daily Tea Service at the James Bay Tearoom for brunch. It was good and only cost $4.75 because of their anniversary special. I had to snack later but I am glad I finally had the meal.

Work went rather well. It was slow at first but became busier towards the end of the day. The most difficult thing I had to do was try and set up a new fax machine. I didn't have time to complete that job. For such a busy day closing went smoothly. I was able to leave on time.

I went to 'Books On View' (a used book store) to see if they had copies of "Memoirs Of A Geisha" but they didn't and were keeping a waiting list. I will check the price at regular stores.

I had a very nice and filling dinner at Shiki Sushi. They have complete dinners with appetizers, meal, and deserts which cost around $14 - $18. They are much bigger meals than their Bento boxes.

My dinner was Teriyaki Chicken and I started with soup and salad. Next came this huge sizzling plate of chicken cut into cubes and blocks with cooked sprouts on the side. It was accompanied by a bowl of steamed rice. Finally I had ice cream for dessert. The meal was $14.95 and well worth it. If I hadn't been so hungry I wouldn't have been able to finish it.

When I got home I chatted with a friend and that was funny. When friends know exactly what you are going through, and are having the same things happen to them, it really brings you close. Amazing things can happen.

I am experimenting with a long distance company so I phoned my parents and wouldn't let them call me back. If this works like it is supposed to I will be paying 1/3 the usual rate.

After a short nap I woke up early this morning and chatted with some friends again. Again I found my self laughing and connecting with people. Friends are fun.

It's late and I am trying to finish of a nice long day. I know that I can't sleep until I connect once more through this blog. Thanks everyone, for reading and being there.


Fin said...

A pretty good day, then :D

Leon said...

Yes, quite.