Thursday, April 27, 2006

Firemind Cinema 16

This cinema is all about superheroes. I picked four interesting videos for you to watch. Enjoy!

Aliens vs Predators vs Terminator vs Batman
- 2 min 36 sec - a fake movie trailer for the ultimate action flick.

Spiderman - 5 min 28 sec - MTV's parody of the movie.

Batman & Predator & Alien - 6 min 11 sec - Has Batman finally met an opponent he can't defeat? Check out this cool video.

The Hero's Load - 10 minutes - this is a very well made animation. It has an odd superhero (Doodieman) and an action packed story. This story proves that not all super powers are desirable. :)

Thanks to Stephen and other blogfriends who got me searching for heroic types.


Stephen said...

Gotta love the Spiderman parody. I've seen that Batman/ Alien/ Predator thing before too. I thought it was done pretty well.

Stephen said...

Haha...too bad you didn't see this.

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