Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I got this from Shogun and I thought it interesting. I added the first one. Have a look at them and think about them.


I am an adult so I shouldn't have teenage friends.

I'm white, so I must not be able to say, nigga, spic, beaner, wetback..but I am called cracker or redneck.

I'm skinny, so I must be bulemic.

I'm emo, so I must cut my wrists.

I'm black, so I must be on welfare.

I'm White, so its wrong for me to dress like a "gangsta" or listen to hip hop. And i haveno rapping skills

I'm Hispanic, so I must be dirty.

I'm Asian, so I must love math.

I'm Jewish, so I must be greedy.

I'm gay, so I must have AIDS.

I'm a lesbian, so I must live in San Francisco.

I'm Arab, so I must be a terrorist.

I'm a single mom, so I must be a slut.

I'm old, so I probably cant drive.

i'm quiet, so i must be a bitch.

I'm overweight, so I most likely have a problem with self control.

I am under 16, so I must know nothing about anything.

I'm religious, so I must shove my beliefs down your throat.

I'm republican, so I must not care about poor people.

I'm democrat, so I must not believe in being responsible.

I'm from the south, so I must be white trash.

I take anti-deppressants, so I must be crazy.

I'm a man, so I only want to get into your pants.

I'm a woman, so I must think irrationally.

I'm Irish, so I must have a bad drinking problem.

I cry, so I must be suicidal.

I'm Indian, so I must own a 7-11.

I'm Native American, so I must dance around a fire screaming like a savage, or be apart of a gaming casino.

I dont live with my child, so I must be a dead beat dad.

I'm athletic, so I must be stupid.

I am Indian so I must own a dairy.

I'm a prep, so I must eat and breathe Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister.

I'm a teenager, so I must drink and do drugs.

I drink so something must be wrong.

I'm a cheerleader, so I must be a whore.

I'm a punk, so I must do drugs.

I'm young, so I must be naive.

I'm rich, so I must be a snob, conceided.

I wear black, so I must be gothic.

I'm blonde so anything that comes out my mouth shouldn't matter cause im just a stupid ditz.

I'm white, so I must be a nagging, steal your money kind of girlfriend.

I have a fringe, so I must be emo.

I wear a bandana, so I must be in a gang.

I live in a big house, so I must have money coming out of my arse.

I get high grades, so I must be a loser.

My parents are still together, so I must be a spoilt brat.

I am Chinese, so I must own a fish and chips shop.

I'm adolecent, so I must be a rebel.

I'm punk without a mohawk, I must be a poser.

I don't know certain things about a band, I must be a poser

I listen to music but don't go to many gigs, I must be a poser

I died my hair black, I must be emo

I just got into a certain band, I must be a poser

I like Hawthorne Heights, I must be emo

I wear a bandana on my wrist, I must be a Hardcore Poser

Im in the band, I must be a band geek that likes flutes a bit to much

Im emo, i must have black hair and cut myself

I Wear a flannellet, so i must be poor.

I am Asian, so I must be a bad driver.

Bottom line is that stereotypes are wrong, and the only way we can get rid of them is to make people aware of them! If you agree that predjiduces and stereotypes are wrong. Repost this, with the title that best fits your mold! And make others aware (oh and if you know any other stereotypes please add to the list.


Fin said...

Stereotyping is wrong, but I must admit these two made me laugh because I've never even heard of them and can't think of how they could be used as stereotypes.

I am Chinese, so I must own a fish and chips shop.

I am Asian, so I must be a bad driver.

Obviously over in America they might be really common - I'm not sure. Just thought they were a little mad! :D

Good post though.

Leon said...

Yeah, some of these looked odd to me too. Others though are familiar and I have seen people hurt by them.

I first heard the driving one after two street racers were killed in Vancouver. Someone said "well, you know they WERE Chinese (Asian)." This stereotype was fueled by the accident and by the tabloid papers.

Rich said...

I agree stereotyping is wrong but I think there is also some truth to alot of them. There will always be exceptions, of course.

Anonymous said...

Hope Emo doesn't read this...he'll be paranoid.

mick in the uk