Monday, May 08, 2006

Busy Me

Things are getting busy right now both online and off:

  • I am working on a project with another blogger.
  • I have tons of post ideas for this blog and not enough time.
  • I need to finish the rules for 2 Lazy 2 Blog's latest contest.
  • I need to get this month's theme for Our Photoblog going.
  • I have some ideas for my fiction blog to work on.
  • I have stuff to take care of offline - including clean up my computer.
  • I feel like having a nap.

One of the problems I am facing is a recurring one. Some of my blog projects (especially the fiction) take advanced planning and a bit of time to finish. Right now I feel like writing what is on my mind at the moment. I don't have much patience for future projects.

I am feeling a little pressure but balancing it well today by resting and talking with family and friends.

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