Monday, May 22, 2006

It's Here!

My new (used) computer is here! It is newer, bigger, faster, and has more "bells and whistles" than my current one. Woo Hoo! My savings will take a hit, and I will have to watch things for a while, but it will work out. At least I didn't have to sacrifice my first born to get it. (Right Shogun? ^___^).

Now I just have to clean up the old one and prepare the new.



The Masta said...

WHEE IS RIGHT LEON YOU BETTER SCRWAM WHHHHEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! and ^___^. Yes now that is done you should make like a blog that is all of you firemind websites like the intropage of ALL of the pages you use like firemind blog, 2l2b, flicr, frapper and much more.

Leon said...

Hahaha - yeah. Another bigger blog? I have enough trouble keeping up as it is.