Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Movie Review: United 93

United 93 was one of four aircraft hijacked on September 11, 2001. It was the only one that didn't crash into a building. The passengers fought with the hijackers and the plane crashed into a field.

There are no heroes or villains here. Just an ordinary mix of people trying to fight some scared hijackers. The people are heroic though and try to fight back. The hijackers are not demonized or stereotyped but come across as organized and desperate.

The movie has the feel of a 'reality show' or 'amateur video' in places. This is no 'Airport' or 'Diehard 2' where even the dying seems scripted and neat. We keep looking for main characters and find people that we come to recognize.

The scenes in the control towers are surreal and harrowing. People try to find out what is happening and try to get something done. There is too much confusion and by the time the FAA and Military act three planes have hit their targets. Several of the characters were played by the actual people involved.

The scenes in the plane can only described as tense and haunting. People share information and send heartbreaking phone calls to their family and friends. As they hear about the attacks in New York they realize that they have to act. They do.

The movie it set in 'real time' once the hijackers get to the airport. We share the last 90 or so minutes sharing one possible story of the end of that flight.

I found myself recalling where I had been on Sept. 11 when the scenes came to those in the Control Towers. The look on their faces reminded me of the people I was with when I watched the news that day.

Many of us have seen those videos several times. We remember them and think about what happened. Now this movie gives us a chance to remember the one plane that wasn't successful.

I recommend seeing this movie.

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