Friday, July 28, 2006

Another Long Day

I had trouble sleeping last night and started my day early again. I had breakfast and headed to my Friday shift.

Work went well over all. We did get quite busy for a while but then it slowed down again. I had some indigestion for a while but I got it under control. I am glad I did because someone brought us fresh cherries and raspberries and I enjoyed eating some. They were sooo good.

After work I visited a few stores and went to Shiki Sushi for an early supper. I had sushi and then Teriyaki Bento. I am still full! The sushi I tried were sake (salmon) and maguro (tuna). Both were good but the tuna was more interesting. It is dark red and has a nice flavour. My favourite is still unagi (fresh water eel).

I don't know what I will do tonight but I will stay home. I will probably fall asleep early.

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