Friday, July 14, 2006

Feeling Lost

Lately I have been feeling lost. That's the only way to describe it.

I have had enough energy to listen to friends and to help them. Yesterday was a mixed bag of fun chatting and feeling left out.

I have been pouring out my ideas into five different blogs lately. The guest posts and my own posts have made me feel good and creative. They have also been quite draining.

I have been doing things for others and they have been helping me. This has been good but I feel alone, displaced, and rather lost. Somewhere I lost sight of what I needed lately. I feel blind.

I sit at my computer waiting for friends to come online. I play a role and say nothing is wrong. Yet all I want is to do is to crawl through cyberspace and take people out for coffee or milkshakes. That seems preferable to interacting with the strangers around me.

I feel lost because my own environment seems foreign.

When did I become a visitor to my own life?

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The Masta said...

dunno btw I am PA now and on my aunt's compe I might come on and off so talk to you soon