Sunday, July 09, 2006

Friends And Blogs

I was so tired yesterday that I slept through everything. I was Rip Van Firemind. I needed the sleep and felt much better today.

When I went online everyone was excited and asked where I had been. (That felt nice. Thanks guys!) I explained things and had some nice chats. It is fun to laugh with friends.

After Shogun posted the second part of my guest post I asked if I could write another post. The post talks about Shogun's Blog and some of the changes it has been through. At one time I was a member of his blog and thus it has special meaning for me.

I hope that my guest posts help people appreciate Shogun's blog. I hope the posts help people understand my friend a bit.



Shogun said...

I wasn't excited, I was really really worried....

Leon said...

Yeah, sorry about that and thanks.