Tuesday, July 04, 2006


This morning I was thinking about a conversation I had yesterday. As I showered and dressed I wondered if it was time for me to start dating again.

The brain works in mysterious ways. When I got outside I felt cold for some reason. I looked down, and blushed, and did up my fly.



LJ the Matchmaker said...

Can you picture me with one arched brow, and a "ummmmm..." look on my face? Who can I set you up with... ummmmm .... ;-)

Maud said...

Just here to say hi,

It’s hot here in the Netherlands so I’m spending my free morning just reading blogs and so I passed by Bart’s blog, Daze of our lives...and he had a very interesting post http://www.kunama.com/personal/blog/2006/07/counting-ones-blessings.html
I thought you might like it.....

by for now, Maud

Leon said...

LJ - Um... hahaha... gee that would be the question of the year!

Maud, Hi, and thanks for the link. That is an interesting post.