Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I had an odd dream today. I was checking one of my uniform shirts I used to wear. It didn't seem old but it had labels still on it. When I went to remove a label I poked my self on a pin. This was odd because I was wearing the shirt.

I began to carefully remove pins from the shirt. Their placement reminded me of those on a new shirt just removed from the packaging. There were so many pins and it seemed to take forever. I couldn't move because the pins would prick me.

I decided to take the shirt off and began to unbutton it. I was unhappy to discover another pinned uniform shirt underneath. I then woke up.

I thought about the dream as I showered and dressed. The work shirts were from a time when my life was more organized but unhappy. They may be symbols of old habits I am trying to get rid of. The pins may be the painful little things that make change difficult. The second shirt may be a reminder that it isn't as easy to change as I thought.

Dreams are odd in that they tell you things but blur symbols and nonsense. Sometimes you can ignore them but sometimes they seem important. This one seemed to demand notice. Now I just have to figure it out.

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