Monday, August 28, 2006

Eyes Etc

I got up early this morning and went on my computer. I read some blogs and posted some comments and went to play Civ.

I won the Civ game I was playing yesterday but it was close. Part of the problem was starting in a crappy location on the map and having a slow economy. I started another game and it is slow too. My first city was in a great location but others weren't and I got into an early war that screwed things up for a while. I will play more later.

I stopped by Google News and read a story about the leader of Hezbollah commenting on the war. He said kidnapping the soldiers was a mistake. What did he expect? Israel has always been beset by terrorists and never given in. If Hezbollah expected to hide behind innocent Lebanese they were wrong and the civilians paid the price. People have spoken against Israel repeatedly over this war. What would America do if rockets hit Miami from Haiti and Haiti did nothing? What would France do in the same situation with Tunisia (for example)? They would have attacked as hard.

I ate out for brunch and went to my eye appointment. It went well but was hard because I made the doctor switch between lens a lot. I really jumped when she put the eye drops in. Things were okay afterwards except when I went outside because it was too bright.

Tomorrow I will go to the optician and select some glasses and give him my prescription. It looks like I will have to get used to bifocals! Gah, I am starting to feel uneasy around doctors. At least nothing has fallen off yet. LOL.


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