Thursday, October 12, 2006

Been Busy

My weekend was a busy one and good for the most part. I had one bad morning where I couldn't stop brooding and being angry but I got through that.

Friday: I volunteered and it was busy but not too hectic. I signed up to attend a conference in November.

Saturday: I went to "Navy Days" at Ogden Point and looked at military equipment and displays. I also talked to some interesting people and took photos. Most of the Armed Forces units in Victoria participated.

Sunday: The morning was rough and I didn't sleep at all. I managed to have lunch with friends and then slept a lot later.

These last few days I have been thinking and when I had enough of that I have been reading novels.

Sometimes things seem over but then come back. Luckily the hard things come back easier each time. Decisions hurt but the alternative is to let indecision fester and burn. The main thing is that as my mind clears a little more I can see beyond the past and present and hope for the future. I am not turning my back on anyone but helping myself. Sometimes I have to over-react to get the painful things done.

There is someone I need to talk to but I am nervous about it. It is time.

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