Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Introducing: Big Blog Directory

Big Blog Directory is a blog that uses Blogger Labels (tags) to help readers find interesting blogs to read. Readers can search for blogs using labels based on content and/or location. Only those blogs that are being updated will be listed. Dead blogs will be deleted.

The service is free although I would appreciate a reciprocal link.

Bloggers are welcome to submit blogs from any blog service (Blogger, Diaryland, Xanga, etc). I will check out submissions and approve or deny them as soon as possible after receiving them.

Some blogs may not be accepted. If the blog is password protected, or locks up my browser repeatedly, or is a spam blog, it won't get listed.

List your blog today and get noticed.

This is the promotional "news release" I am posting in the Flickr Bloggers group and other locations.

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