Monday, November 27, 2006

Blogging Away The Cold

It is cold outside and the snow is still around. I didn't venture out much except to eat some Fish & Chips. LJ has posted some photos of Victoria in the snow.

Except for a slight headache I am fine. Men-a-men, however was sick today. Stop in and wish him a speedy recovery.

I stopped in at Shutterview to read Nic's latest post. He posted another funny video in his Fresh Faced Comic series.

I haven't played around with my art programs recently because I have been busy with blogs. I did find time to give one artist some feedback. Check out Duncan's drawing and give him some feedback.

When my blogfriends check their stats they may see readers coming from my blog. That may be boring compared to some things statcounters can show. My latest funny keyword search is:

does laughing create braincells?
I say it does - I mean the person was smart enough to find Firemind and hopefully will have a laugh while reading here. They might even learn something. ^__^



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reference, love my fresh faced comic. Cant help laughing, best medicine. I was wondering what statcounter you use? I get such varied responses from the couple i use. Do u maybe use a more consistent one?

Leon said...

Yes, laughing is good.

I'll have a look at the ones you use and get back to you. I have used several different types.