Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Busy Blogger

I have been a busy blogger this week. I have worked on some of my blogs and have been encouraging other bloggers.

I have been having fun at 2 Lazy 4 Video. It is a group blog but I have written all of the posts so far. I hadn't planned on posting so much so soon but I wanted to get the blog organized and I kept finding videos I liked. I have posted nine videos so far and there is a mix of old favourites and interesting new music.

I am trying to post similar music on the same day and limiting myself to two videos a day. If I manage that I will be busy for the next week at least. ^__^. Of course the other members of this blog don't have to keep up to me.

Working on this blog has been very interesting because I am finding music that I listened to when I was growing up and when I was at university. Sometimes I remember the song but the video is new. At other times I rediscover both an old favourite and a video I loved.

Big Blog Directory has also been keeping me busy. I have been getting submissions almost every day. I have been checking out the blogs and adding them to the directory. I continue to promote the blog/directory at other websites and blogs.

Yesterday I participated in a weekly blogging event and this led to a big post about me wanting to be an SOB. I know what you're thinking but you're wrong... just read the post. ^__^

I have a few other things I am working on but these two are the major ones. One thing I appreciate about blogging is that I never seem to run out of ideas.

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