Saturday, November 11, 2006

Firemind Cinema 19: The Comedy Special

Welcome to Firemind Cinema's Comedy Special. I watched a funny music video called 'Shoes' and decided to include it in a Cinema. I started to think about the video's comedy aspects and this got me thinking about television programs that have made me laugh. Since I like American, British, and Canadian comedy I have included examples of each type.


Shoes - Length: 03:51 - Kelly is the creation of Liam Sullivan. She is a shoe obsessed teen and has her own MySpace page. The music is catchy and the video well paced. Note: Strong language.

If I were to label 'Shoes' I would call it 'Modern Internet' in the sense that many people will discover it online at YouTube or MySpace. It is short, sassy and Youth-oriented. These traits, plus the fact that it is a music video, make it a reflection of our times.

In Living Color

In Living Color was an American comedy show that broke many rules. I remember watching a skit after the LA Riots in which Jim Carey played Reginald Denney and danced to 'Achy Breaky Head'. I remember laughing and feeling an odd mix of guilt and chagrin about feeling guilty.

My favourite sketches featured Blaine and Antoine: the gay film critics. They were funny and irreverent.

Men on Films - In Living Color - Length: 03:47

Benny Hill

I first encountered Benny Hill when I went to university and saw it on an American TV station. Late at night several of us students would eat popcorn and watch old shows including this one. I was already a fan of British comedy and Benny Hill became one of my favourite shows. 'The Messenger' is an example of the silent Chaplin-like slapstick that Hill was good at.

Benny Hill - The Messenger - Length: 04:39

Wayne and Shuster

Wayne and Shuster were a Canadian comedy duo. I remember watching their specials on CBC when I was growing up. I liked them even though I usually preferred British or American comedy to Canadian shows.

I found two funny videos. The first is a parody of Shakespeare and the second a parody of Star Trek. The remaining parts of 'Star Shtick' can be found linked from the YouTube listing. The full sketch lasts around 30 minutes.

The Shakespearean Baseball Game - Length: 07:51

Wayne & Shuster's "Star Shtick" Part 1 of 4 - Length: 07:50

Well, I hope you enjoyed this special edition of Firemind Cinema.


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