Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Some Observations

I had a bad night last night. This morning I am better but wanted to write this so I won't forget.

1. I still over-react to what one person says. I wonder if it's my way of not letting go.

2. None of my close friends (online or off) contact me unless they need something. I have to contact them.

3. When I think that I expect too much of my online friend I am comparing him to my offline friend. Then I think of #2 and get angry again.

4. In the last two years I have progressed best when helping others.

5. I have progressed mush slower than the people I have helped.

6. Having emotion again is a good thing but sometimes it hurts like hell.

I chatted with one of my blogfriends this morning and none of this came out. We talked about music videos. I know I am not alone but sometimes it feels like it.


Your Teacher said...

Oh bless. We all feel like this sometimes.

There you go. I visited you (well virtually) and I had no ulterior motive than to say "Hi".

Leon said...

Thank you! You made me smile.