Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wild Victoria

Things have been a little wild in mundane Victoria.

Storms hit all over the lower coastal areas of BC this week. I wimped out and hid from most of it and had to use my umbrella one day. My area didn't lose any power or experience flooding.

I saw a photo in the newspaper from Port Alberni which showed logs floating down one of the main streets. There could have been more problems for the city. "Port" was hit by a tsunami after the 1964 Alaska Earthquake. After the earthquake in Japan a few days ago parts of the BC coast were on tsunami watch but this was later called off.

Today was cool but sunny and people were happy to get out and enjoy themselves. It seems the crooks were enjoying themselves too. The Royal Bank at Pandora and Douglas was closed for an "emergency" when went there. I don't know the reason but there were several police officers inside. Later on I heard a rumor that a different bank had been robbed and the suspect was holed up in one of the downtown residences catering to street people.

Ah, life in the real world. Maybe that's why I like cyberspace. Wait a minute... what about viruses or spam? It can be wild here too.


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