Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas 2006

I had a good Christmas.

I started getting into the spirit when the Christmas cards started to arrive last week. Most of them were from relatives but I got a few from work and friends. The nicest was a homemade card created by LJ. (Thanks LJ!) I didn't send out any cards or e-cards this year. I left comments or said 'hello' via IM, where possible, but was too busy to do more. Maybe there was a little "bah humbug" left inside me.

I ate a lot of food. On the 24th we went to the Sunday Buffet at The Embassy and enjoyed ourselves. On Christmas Day my friends and I had dinner at The Embassy again. It was great.

The oddest gift I got was a plastic microphone that distorts a persons voice. It was from my friends' nephew's kids. Now I can practice for karaoke. (NOT!)


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