Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Busy And Interesting Times

I woke up and checked on my computer. The maintenance scan was done so I could resume work on my projects.

I just listed another blog at BBD. This brings the total to 31. After a lull I am getting busy again. I am waiting for several people at Flickr to submit information too.

I have been busy experimenting with the new Blogger. I putter in my test blogs and then write up posts at BBD. I have been learning a lot and enjoying myself. So much of my writing is now blog related most of it goes to my other blogs. Maybe I can find some enlightened angst for Firemind.

Offline I have been asked to work on a website. I am checking to see what the person wants to decide if I can do the job. If it is basic and includes a blog then I think I could do it.

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