Monday, January 29, 2007

I Am Alive

I was busy last week with my other blogs. I posted some lighthearted pop songs at 2 Lazy 4 Video and lots of stuff at Big Blog Directory. BBD has been busy all week and I have another submission to process.

I managed to see Pan's Labyrinth and really enjoyed it. It has great characters, an interesting story, and awesome special effects. I was going to review it but this review at the media nook mirrors many of my impressions.

By the end of the week I was feeling tired out and weak. I didn't go to my volunteer job and spent most of the last few days sleeping or reading. I finished the first two books of Jack L Chalkers "Well World" series. I had read them before - the first one several times. I'll add them to my Booklist 2007 when I set it up.

Well, I don't feel sick anymore but I am still tired. Thanks, Comyn, for checking up on me.

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