Thursday, February 22, 2007

Carrot Capers And Arse Races

Officially I am getting better but I still feel tired when doing basic things like laundry.

I find that little treats mean a lot so I have been rewarding myself. I went out for brunch today and had a delightful carrot cake for dessert. The staff at the restaurant gave me an extra treat: my name was written in caramel(?) sauce and there was lots of whip cream on the cake. It was yummy!

I also gave a reward to this blog. Yup, Firemind is the recipient of the MYSTERY CARROT AWARD. You can see the award in the "Awards" section of the sidebar. Clicking on the award will take you to a cool website where you can play various online games (and get your own award). Check out Arse Race and Arseteroids.

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