Sunday, March 04, 2007


Since I started BBD I have looked at many blogs. I don't read them all but I bookmark the most interesting and comment. Hopefully some of them will list with Big Blog Directory.

Blogs take many forms. Some are niche blogs covering certain topics and others are personal blogs with a more open-ended agenda. All of them can be interesting to read. Here is a selection of blogs I have come across. Some know from BBD and others I found randomly. I may make this a regular feature in this blog.

I had to laugh when I saw this hockey post. I was thinking of my experiences with hockey at that age. Speaking of Hockey... That Grrl wonders if that is the only time the national anthem gets played anymore.

I haven't been on a photo walk in ages and I need to go on one. I just found a blog called Ocean and Forest Walks and find it interesting. It has wonderful pictures from Victoria.

One of the first places I will visit when Spring comes is Beacon Hill Park. The animals will be having their young and the flowers will be blooming. it will be great for photos. I will probably visit the Children's Farm to see the goats and other critters. Men-a-men took his puppy to the Children's Farm in his village. Bo got a little excited. :)

Dogs bark and but bears give advice. Bob T. Bear kindly answered a question I had.

Okay that's my little trip around the blogosphere for today. Let me know what you think.

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Laura said...

You are so lucky to be in Victoria. I have been out to BC several times but never to Victoria. It's a goal I have now. :) I see so many really amazing photos from Victoria and the islands and just about anything outside of the main chunk of Vancouver really. If I wasn't a loyal Ontario grrl I'd convert to BC pretty quick. :)

You have more blogs to maintain than I do. lol I have a few on Blogger and a few on other sites. It's too much work. Thanks for the linkback to my personal blabberings.

I missed the Canadian blog linkup you were doing. I read about it earlier but I lost track in between.