Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sunny Songs And Puppy Tales

It finally quit raining and we have had some sunshine. Now my carpet can dry. The maintenance guy came by and had a look. He seemed to know where the problem is and will take care of it. That's great.

For some reason I have been thinking about old songs. I decided to post some golden oldies at 2 Lazy 4 Video.

Music and sunny days seem to go together quite well. When I was a teen I used to like going for an afternoon drive and listening to music. Before I had my licence I used to ride my bike or take my dog for a long walk.

Sometimes I miss having a dog. I miss the fun things a dog does that make you laugh. That's part of the reason I like reading about the adventures of Bo and Men-a-men.

Bo and Men-a-men can make me laugh so this next video is dedicated to them. It's called Dog Beach Boogie.

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men-a-men said...

Gaaf man! Bedankt!