Monday, April 23, 2007

Firemind's Spicypage Introduction

I have been using Spicypage for a few weeks now. I have listed both Firemind and Big Blog Directory. Here is my profile. I'll review the site at BBD in the future but this post is an introduction to what I do there.

Spicypage is a cross between social networking sites like MyblogLog and sites like Digg and Reddit. I like Spicypage because I can check out new blogs and publish links to my blog posts. People can check out my blogs and also certain posts.

  • I am not there to 'collect' friends.
  • I want tp promote my blogs but not at any cost.
  • I tend to focus on blogs more than websites.
  • Some people vote on everything but never give negative votes. I will give negative votes to blogs. I try to leave comments indicating my reasons.
  • Spam blogs or spam-like blogs will get negative votes.
  • I try to comment on the blogs I visit. Comments at Spicypage are no substitute for blog comments.
  • Terms like "monetize my blog" and "make money blogging" will drive me from a blog unles it has good content.

That's all I can think of right now.


Mick in the UK said...

Hi Leon, you have mail.

Anonymous said...

man I thik is right. I do agree with you. This site is picking up in traffic quick... by the way I like you blog, it has interesting posts...

Leon said...

Hi Mick, got the mail. Thanks anonymous.

Sensible One said...

Got here from SpicyPage, so yes, I think it's working! Good policies about blogging and voting.

Leon said...

Thanks sensible one.