Wednesday, May 09, 2007

BBD: 15 Blogs And A Higher Pagerank

15 Blogs

Big Blog Directory had a growth spurt in the last month. 15 blogs were listed.

There are blogs covering sports, religion, politics and more. There is a poetry blog and a fiction blog about a rather wild character.

The fun part of administrating a blog directory is checking out tons of new blogs. The hard part is keeping up with the ones I like.


Big Blog Directory's pagerank just changed from 3 to 4. I don't worry much about pagerank personally but it is important for BBD. A higher pagerank means more exposure and more traffic to the blogs listed.

Ideally people visiting BBD will check out various blogs and people noticing my link at other blogs will visit BBD.


Elizabeth Burke said...

Dear Leon,

I had your brief comment on my blog "", but have been unable to come up with a reliable email for you. Please email me at, so I can follow up with you.

Best regards, and great stuff,

Elizabeth Burke

Leon said...

Hi Elizabeth, I emailed you.

Random Magus said...

I have this interesting idea that I have posted about. Basically I have asked a question and asked whoever reads my blog to leave a comment when I a few comments I will add them to the main post with the blogger's link. Don't know how that'll work because somehow people are hesitant to leave behind comments.
Anyway I would love to have your input!
Thanks and take care

Leon said...

RM I participated in your meme. keep an eye out here for something I am working on for BBD.