Monday, May 21, 2007

Mixed Week

This last week has been a mixed one. I was busy working online but an ongoing stomachache kept me from doing much in the 'real world'. I finally got out and about this weekend a bit.

I listed some more blogs at Big Blog Directory and contacted South African bloggers about the upcoming roundup. I have a couple of post ideas for BBD and will also look at cleaning up the sidebar a bit.

I also posted two funny cartoons to 2 Lazy 2 Blog. I seem to be the only one posting there now and I use it for any silly G-rated videos and games that I find. Some of the blog members and a few visitors still check the site occasionally.

Today was Victoria Day. I didn't watch the parade but watched some of the bands performing yesterday at the Legislature. The Ballard High School band played or about 90 minutes and were very good. I didn't take any photos of the marching bands this year.

Last night I went for coffee with my friend from up-island.

The last seven days have been variable but things have evened out.

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