Sunday, May 06, 2007

Reading And Blogging

I am busy trying to catch up on blog projects so I thought I would link to some posts I read recently. They vary from funny to serious but all make one think a bit.

What if we had 3 eyes? by Random Magus. Answer the question yourself - either in the comments (at her blog) or your own blog.

Arachnophobes be warned... by Brian Cormier. How would you react if it happened to you?

"I Quit This Bitch" by Tara. I think this would be a grand way to make a statement when quitting a job. What do you think?

How I lost my religion by hitting an animal by Joel. This is a very interesting post about an incident that changed a person's worldview. What incidents changed your life? Blog about them if you wish.


Random Magus said...

So read all the blogs mentioned save for the one I had written myself.
I enjoyed them all - this is a great way for people to discover other blogs.
So thanks from me and I'm sure all the others whose blogs you mentioned.

Adam said...

Hiya Leon, Thanks for reading me and the reply. You have interesting and eclectic taste in the blogs you link. I'm definitely going to start my next blog browsing session by reading some of your links.

Leon said...

You're welcome Random Magus. I deal with many blogs 'officially' at BBD but here I can be more flexible.

Yes, it's a great way to discover blogs because our blogrolls may be great but they are just links to our visitors.

Thanks Adam. My links page is in dire need of a 'spring cleaning' but there are some great links I have been reading for years and some new ones. I tend to be conservative with linking because I like to visit my 'core blogs' to read them rather than use a reader.

Random Magus said...

The blogs I visit daily and have a sort of sense f the blogger in my head are on my roll and for the other blogs that I visit randomly I have a separate list not on my blog but on my computer.

Joel said...

A link! Thanks!

Leon said...

You're welcome Joel.

Brian Cormier said...

Thanks for the mention, Leon!