Saturday, June 28, 2003

Knives, Forks and Templates.

Diaries, like dinners, often require a little preparation. I didn't like the basic template styles I was presented with so I checked out various diaryrings specializing in web design. I found my present design at I then began to make minor modifications to it.

I wanted to dive into Diaryland but I didn't want the hassle of trying to "fix" things later. In another weblog program I changed templates after I had been posting for a while. I had trouble with getting my archives to match the design of my current page. This was in one of my "work blogs" - which was supposed to be a part of my "professional identity".

One of the reasons I chose Diaryland is the way posts are presented. The simple idea of one post per page seems workable and logical (if the titles match the content). Diaryland is about diaries or journals. While I can work with the short blog + link style I usually find myself writing essays or personal stories. These long posts can be difficult to absorb in traditional webpages (ie - links, attention getting banner ads, and so on.).

I chose a simple, subtle design for a number of reasons. First of all I am not a paying customer (yet) so I can't include images. (Images also have to help the content and not compete with it). Another reason is that garish, exotic designs are hard on the eyes and detract from the "story" in the text. My final reason relates to my purpose for being here. If I want to show off my graphics skills I will create a site to do that. I have a fire in my mind. Ideas have been smouldering for a while now and they want out! I want to have a place that focuses on my words.

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