Monday, June 30, 2003

Marathon Surfing and Good Reads

I was catching up on my web reading this weekend in preparation for my cyber - diet ( I will be visiting my parents who don't have a computer). I realized that several of the links in my favourites folder would make nice additions to my profile or a Links page. This got me following links more than usual and I didn't get much sleep. It was fun.

I read everything from pagan ethics and philosophy to conservative American views on homosexuality. The voices of the writers were as important as the subject material. There is something dynamic about a person who can express themselves well. I remember a line from an article or story written years ago that went something like this: "He was bastard but he was an eloquent bastard!"

Good Reads(no bastards)

Day-to-Day Wicca (Practical Wicca -June 08, 2003)

"We Are All Sodomites Now" by Andrew Sullivan

Looka! (Thursday, June 26, 2003) lead me to the FindLaw article showing the outcome of the case mentioned in Sullivan's essay.

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