Monday, July 21, 2003

Bored, Bored...Bored?

This cyber-diet of mine is a contributor to my current mental state. The other contributors are television-induced-brain-death and being away from home. My current mental state is "jelly" which means my mind flops about with the consistancy of molasses. I am not depressed but I am conserving what little energy I have.

Getting to a computer every few days does help me keep up to date with my favourite blogs and diaries but I miss my computer games.

I don't watch television at home. Here I try to watch something interesting and my parents comment on it or they talk during the show. Oh well, the endless commercials and the crappy shows dull my brain cells anyway.

I may try to get some more business done and I may visit another attraction but my main focus is seeing my nephews and nieces. Seeing the kids is a "must" before I leave.

I will be going home in a few days. Home...Home...HOME! Right now I get to spend time with my family.

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