Monday, July 12, 2004

Dirty American Politics!

Dateline Washington: Several pictures supposedly of Potus, the hamster presidential candidate, were posted on pro - republican websites. "Hamster Lust" claimed one headline. "Raunchy Rodents" claimed another.

Potus supporters cried foul and claimed that the pictures were fake. Potus claimed innocence and said,"Gee, I think I would remember a babe like that." President George W. Bush was quick to denounce such "ungodly behaviour".

Republicans were red-faced when one of the hamsters in the pictures contacted the media. Baruchito said the pictures were of him and his mate. An online acquaintance named "Yadub" had requested pictures for a 'school project'. Yadub has been traced to Washington, D.C. but his exact identity is unknown.

The incident hasn't hurt Potus' campaign - if anything the hamster is more popular than ever.

Thanks to Supermum and Bacon and Eh's for the links.


Anonymous said...

I love Potus! LOL As for the the hamster getting on, he is seeing more action then a lot of us ever see LOL

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading about Potus in one of your earlier entries, too. Aah, the wonders of the Internet and its usefulness!


Maktaaq said...

What a cutie! (I had to write about him too.)