Friday, April 22, 2005

Sunny And Hot

I went out for brunch for the first time in days. I was getting tired of leftovers. I walked up town and tried some experimental photography. Minnows, glimpses through windows and other fun stuff.

I had been working in the glimpse group earlier today but flickr went into 'massage mode' in the middle of it. Glimpse is a fun group but people have trouble following the rules and post inappropriate stuff. We try to say why pictures were deleted from the pool but this doesn't help some people.

Taking a good glimpse pic isn't hard. Three times today I stepped back between pillars on a sidewalk or in a breezeway and got pics that are probably suitable.

It was sunny and hot outside. The paper said it was 19c and it felt like it. Kids in my neighbourhood are runnung around in bathing suits with supersquirter squirtguns. The perfect way to cool off.


Keith said...

I am envious. Tomorrow they are predicting snow for my area.

Leon said...

Argh! Not the S-word.