Saturday, April 23, 2005

Oak Bay And Fairfield Pics

I started in the Chinese Cemetery in Oak Bay as I posted about previously. I then walked to Quimper Park where I saw this:

Green Flags by firemind.

I came across across another type of flag in Fairfield:

Prayer Flags 1 by firemind.

I stopped at the beach and became artistic:

Sandy Shai by firemind.

It was a great day for pics.

New Sets: Fairfield, Oak Bay, Ross Bay Cemetery.

I blogged one pic to Our Photoblog.


Poompa said...

Nice pics, how many times does a sleep in sand.

Kim said...

I envy you being able to just up and go in order to discover new places and new things around you. How interesting that must be.

Leon said...

Poompa - I dunno.

Kim - it's a nice new experience. I spent too long thinking "I don't have time".

Mick in the UK said...

I must admit Leon, you are getting some great shots for your albums.
Pin the duck in the fountain.

Amimationman said...

Oops I meant to say. Nice pics, how many times does a dog sleep in sand.

Leon said...

Thanks Mick.

Animationman - Thanks. I guess it depends on whether it wants a sand bath.