Friday, June 03, 2005


Well my birthday is almost over. Today has been fun and unexpected in many ways. I did get to eat out and I did buy some books, but not as I planned.

Early this morning I copied the contents of my demo cd to a folder, zipped the folder using Winzip, and sent it through cyberspace. I will review the website/program I used in another post. Does giving something away on my birthday make it an unbirthday? Will I turn into a Hobbit?

I went for lunch and then caught a bus at 3pm to Sidney. The bus was an old one and not a double decker but the ride was still nice. I enjoyed seeing the farms in Central Saanich again. I was tempted to get off the bus and take pics when I saw horses grazing in the fields.

I was surprised at how much Saanichton has changed. The area around the Prairie Inn is more urbanized than when I lived 'up peninsula' (as we say) years ago.

When I got to Sidney I walked along Beacon Avenue and took pictures. I had a good look in Tanner's Books and had The Three Musketeer's (by Alexandre Dumas) and Wizard's First Rule (by Terry Goodkind) set aside for me.

I wandered around for about an hour and got pictures of murals, sculptures, and old military equipment. I then headed down to the waterfront where I talked to some people who were checking their 'crab pots'. I got pics of their catch.

I noticed lots of construction in Sidney. One hotel/condo site near the waterfront was a big hole in the ground. There will probably be underground parking. The site was so big that the waterfront walk was being rebuilt farther out into the harbour.

I had a Captain Cook Burger at Rumrunners Pub. It was a halibut burger with a thick shrimp and crab sauce on it. It came with fries and tasted good.

After I ate I went back to the bookstore, picked up my paperbacks, and wandered towards the bus stop. Twenty minutes later I was on a Double Decker heading back to Victoria. I got to my place just before 10pm. My little holiday had lasted 7 hours!

I hadn't planned on going to Sidney today but it was a nice random busride.

When I got home I saw all of your nice birthday wishes and the ones at Flickr's Happy Birthday Group. They topped off a wonderful day. Thanks everyone!


Keith said...

Glad to read your birthday was a happy one! :)

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