Saturday, June 04, 2005

BirthdayQuake Aftershocks

BD Card
Originally uploaded by firemind.

This is a pic of one of the birthday cards I received by email. The little flash animation has morphing letters that spell out 'Happy Birthday Firemind'. It is so cool. I also received a Yahoo Greeting with a funny cartoon from my brother.

I stopped in at Keith's blog because he said he was going to 'roast' me like I did Lou. He wrote a nice gentle post. I'm still 'medium rare'. :)

Finally, I talked to my parents on the phone today. It was too late to return their call last night.

I think this was the biggest and bestest birthday I have had in years.


Poompa said...

Thanks for el pic.

Leon said...

No problemo.

Keith said...

Well, I didn't want to fry you alltogether on your special day. There's always next year!!! :)

Joel said...

Happy b-day! So, tell us what you remember after getting drunk with the stripper with sent to you... :)

Leon said...

keith and joel - haha. I say to people going out for fun or to celebrate: if you're going to do something wrong do it well enough that I get a saucy read in the paper. Ah well, no newspaper articles on me this year. ;)