Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Happy Campers Part 1

Summer is the season when some kids go to camp. One woman I know said her nine year old son was going to camp for the first time. He was excited.

I never went to camp when I was a kid. I went camping with my family and went on holidays but never went to 'camp' until I was 21. That's when I went to boot camp.

Yup, the military version of camp: complete with five mile walks, tear gassing, floor cleaning, and fat screaming sergeants. I still get a mild shiver when I see movies like Stripes.

Some of my readers are heading off to camp. I hope they will remember this song.

So have you been to camp?


Amimationman said...

L.T. Firemind! you get to a regular camp Imediatly.

Leon said...

Sir, Yes Sir!!