Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Happy Campers Part 2

Rules of Camp Firemind

  1. Campers are not to use counselors for target practice on the archery range.

  2. Campers are not to place apples on the heads of younger campers for target practice.

  3. Younger campers are not to be tied to trees to attract bears for photography class.

  4. Campers are not allowed to skinny dip in the lake. The nearby seniors residence complains that it causes their members to have heart attacks

  5. Peeing in the swimming pool is absolutely forbidden. Especially from the high diving board.

  6. Bedwetters must not sleep in the upper bunks.

  7. Addendum to #6. On Ghost Story night all campers will sleep on mats on the floor.

  8. Note for boys: For safety reasons wedgies (or gaunch pulls) must not be done too often - unless the choir needs more sopranos.


Brooks said...

Hey Leon,
I didn't know which blog to write you back so I chose this one. I love your city of Victoria! My family toured all over BC and Victoria was my absolute favorite and my family agrees. I liked it so much that I wrote a travel article for The Birmingham News (where I work as a designer). I will make sure I send you a link when the article is published. Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting.

Joel said...


Mick in the UK said...

Hi Leon.
Never been on any official camps, just the overnight stops as a teen.
I liked the names in the sand idea.

Leon said...

Thanks Mick.

Keith said...

No camp experiences for me to report here either as a kid. (except with family) I know I wouldn't want to go to Camp Firemind with such strict rules. :) And how about those "gaunch pulls"? lol I had never heard that one before! (Although I guess I did do it to a few kids during my younger days)

Leon said...

Keith - yeah, those wedgies were funny until a much bigger guy gave one to me. My motto suddenly became: "walk like a penguin, and squeak like a mouse."