Friday, June 24, 2005

Religion And Books

I have been reading and thinking about religion for a few days. This results from finding interesting books at a used book store and browsing for new books. I am not about to convert to anything new but the intellectual fallout and internal dialogue has been interesting.

Twice in the last few days I have fallen asleep thinking about religion and found myself planning blog posts about my religious journey when I awoke. This isn't a bad thing but I have to approach it with caution for two reasons. The first is that it would be a big job because the journey has been long and I have read a lot about different religions. The second reason is that it would be personal. Someday I will write those blog posts.

The books I bought are:

The Heathens - Primitive Man and His Religions. - William Howells. This is an old Anthropology text.

Bar Mitzvah – A Jewish Boy's Coming of Age. - Eric A. Kimmel. This book contains lots of information about Judaism.

I found an interesting website:

The History of the Jewish People - this website presents the full version of Eli Birnbaum's book of the same name. It is an interesting compliment to other history sources.


Joel said...

Someday? We don't have time! Just post it, baby.

In 100 words or more ;-)

Mick in the UK said...

So, you're going to become a Heathan then?

Leon said...

Joel - see what happens when writers egg each other on.:)

Mick - Don't know. All these religions have odd rules and you never know if you are doing the right thing. At least agnostics acknowledge they don't know. Maybe I should see if K-mart has a special on religion.