Saturday, June 25, 2005


  • I went out with a friend to dim sum.

  • I saw lots of Russian and Mexican sailors in the mall. They were from the two big clipper ships here for the Tallships Festival.

  • I took some pics of the ships but didn't spend money to go on the fairgrounds.

  • I had a good walk today.

  • I checked ALL of the blogs on my reading list (and then some).

  • I still can't comment on any blogs using Haloscan. I tried today at Mick's blog and Kim's. I can see my 'preview' but my comments are not saved.

  • I am thinking of writing another blog. A fiction blog. I also have plans for a multi-author fiction blog, and a blog dungeon. Where will I get the time?


Fin said...

You really, REALLY love the blogs, don't you?

Leon said...

Yes. It is a way to express myself and to a way to connect with others.