Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I am feeling odd this morning. I got lots of sleep but my body still feels tired. I cruised around the blogosphere to see what was there.

Fintan has gotten me addicted to bombing bunnies. Just the mindless mayhem I need on a day like this.

LJ made me laugh with her story about the perils of piddling.

You know me. I always encourage bloggers to do their own thing. I popped in to Cramshaw's blog and wondered if he had stopped blogging. Nope. He has posted some artwork and pictures. Instead of putting pics on the fridge only for the parents now kids can send them around the world.

I saw this photo of Keith's the other day and liked it.

Spotted Mare And Foal
Originally uploaded by river ridge.

That's all for now. Maybe I will have something profound to say later.:)


Joel said...

Profound or perverse, just post :)

Leon said...


LJ said...

Thanks for the plug, and the next time I'm looking for a loo companion - I'll give ya a shout out! :-) (side note: love the picture of the mare and foal. makes me want to own a horse again)

Fin said...


Leon said...

Thanks LJ. Fin - my feelings exactly.:)

Keith said...

Thanks for the pic plug Leon, glad you liked it, both mom & foal are unique looking.