Thursday, October 13, 2005

Fighting Frustration By Blogging.

When feeling frustrated or angry I find that blogging helps me control these emotions.

I backed up my important files recently in preparation for reinstalling my system. I want to tune my computer and add interesting new things. I was leery of a problem with my monitor that has returned recently and hoped it would not interfere with things. Well, it has and I may have to put off the tune up until I can get a new monitor.

My monitor is cutting out when I it gets turned off by the system - when loading games for example, or when rebooting to another OS. I checked it on two comps to make sure it wasn't the video card. I find that it takes about 2-3 minutes with power to the monitor turned off to get a picture on my screen. (Something might be overheating). This does not bode well for the much needed format/reinstall. I hope I can borrow one until I can afford to buy one. I am already saving for a new computer.

This has been frustrating for me. I already have enough things to think about. I decided to keep all this frustration at bay by blogging. This will keep my mind active and allow me to follow my usual routine.

I have so many things to blog about right now and I don't want to miss reading your blogs. Blogging is both a creative outlet for me and a way to be 'social'. Blogging is also a therapeutic way to deal with frustration.

I wrote a poem years ago about how writing helped with depression. Here is an adaptation:

The Blog-ended Blues

The blog-ended blues,
Are the worst kind.
They tear my heart,
And rot my mind.

The blog-ended blues,
They never stay,
When they arrive,
I blog them away.

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Stephen said...

You probably already know what my advice about getting a new computer is.